The comfort of silky soft feeling skin, nourished with moisture.

Introducing in Irina Spa a new sensorial body collection to care for skin at every stage, ensuring it looks healthy and radiant . Envelop senses in the captivating combination of floral and citrus notes, leaving skin delicately fragranced and the mind uplifted. Encompassing products to polish, hydrate and soften the feel of skin.



Aromaplasty 1hr 15min $60

This treatment beautifies skin and brings out skin radiance.
Best as a skin fitness and maintenance program after Aroma Expert treatment.

Anti-Aging 1hr 15min $60
Hydration 1hr 15min $60
Nourish 1hr 15min $60
Purify 1hr 15min $60
Radiance 1hr 15min $60
Soothe 1hr 15min $60
Aroma Ecspert 1hr 30min $75

This tailor made, high precision treatment treats all skin conditions, leaving the skin radiant, vibrant and intensely comfortable.

Deep Hydration 1hr 30min $75
Mature Skin Management 1hr 30min $75
Purifying 1hr 30min $75
Sensitive and Soothing 1hr 30min $75
Whitening and Radiance 1hr 30min $75
Lifting – Firming Anti-aging Facial 1hr 30min $90

This treatment helps to strengthen, tighten and tone the skin. Increase cellular metabolism. Create a smoother, younger looking skin.

Purifying Acne Treatment 1hr 30min $75

For those troubled with Acne, a solution can be found. It is highly effective and a real difference can be seen and felt with the skin. This treatments is perfectly suitable for teenagers.


Microdermabrasion 1hr $90

A safe and effective exfoliation technique for your skin's outer layer. The Diamond Peel system used in our clinic is crystal free, and gently "polishes" your skin. It reduces unwanted brown pigmentation, sun damage, mild scars and large pores.

AFA medical Peel 40min $90

AFA-Peel is only peel that does't make you sun sensitive. AFA Peel gives immediate and dramatic results. A Great complexion booster, beautifying agent and an antioxidant.

Decleor Fruit Acid Peel 40min $60

Ideal for lackluster complexions that lacks radiance and have visible pores (caused by the weakening of pore walls with age). Formulated with Iris Essential Oil, L-Proline Comples, Fruit AHAs, Aloe Vera and Rose Floral Water. Reveals a more radiant and luminous complexion, with leaving the skin appearing lifted from the very first application.

Microderm + Lifting –Firming 1hr 45min $140





A hypoallergenic Fragrance-free strip wax for very sensitive and all types of skin with very fluid texture and transparent color. Due to its fluidity it allows to spread it very close to the hair root, making removal gentler and effective.




Facial (includes chin, lip and cheeks) $18   Full Leg  $35
Eyebrow Shaping $10   Bikini $15
Eyebrow Shaping and Eyebrow Tint $15   Arm $20
Eyebrow and Upper Lip $14   Half Arm  $15
Upper Lip $10   Underarm  $10
Chin $10   Men's Brow Clean-Up $10
Upper Lip and Chin $14   Chest  $24
Lower Leg $20   Upper Back  $24
Upper Leg $25   Full Back  $33





Highly Effective!!!

Say goodbye to unwanted hair, with the IPL Hair removal laser. Your dream of being smooth and hair free begins from your very first treatment reduce unwanted hair semi permanently and comfortably. Effective for male and female patients and most parts of the body can be successfully treated including lip, chin, underarms and bikini.


Upper Lip   $38   Lower Back  $125
Chin  $ 38-63   Underarms  $64
Chin and Neck  $82   Full arms including hands and fingers  $140
Cheeks  $75   Forearms, hands, and fingers  $100
Sideburns  $50   Upper Arms  $75
Cheeks/Sideburns $89   Hands and Fingers  $50
Forehead  $50   Bikini Line  $80
Full Face $139   Full Bikini  $100
Full Face and Front of Neck  $175   Brazilian  $125
Back of Neck  $60   Bikini and Inner Thigh  $124
Front of Neck  $65   Inner Thighs  $75
Ears $50   Buttocks  $88
Chest  $150   Lower Leg  $150
Abdomen $100   Upper Leg  $188
Chest and Abdomen  $200   Full Leg  $288
Sternum (between breasts)  $63   Upper Leg and Bikini  $219
Full Back $225   Full Leg and Bikini Line  $ 312-350
Shoulders $88   Feet and Toes  $50
Upper Back and Shoulders $150